Custom Full Metal Card (Engraving & Print)

Get a card that is built around you! A Full Engraved Metal Card with your own design, hooked right up to your Saint Connect profile!

£99.99 GBP

Get a card that is built around you! A fully Custom Metal Card with your business, hooked right up to your Saint Connect profile!

We use state of the art laser cutting machinery which we can engrave on black, white, green, blue, purple and red. (subject to availability). Please refer to our FAQs for more informaiton.

"Ready to Connect, wherever you might be"

Keep your Saint Connect device in your wallet, purse or something you carry around with you often, its sleek and thin design allows it to be stored as if it was a credit card. Allowing you to be ready to connect wherever you might be.

A Sleek and Stylish

We've taken Saint Connect to the next level and we are here to help you take your brand into the 21st century. We all love a good business card but it’s time to upgrade your game and make connections that leaves an impression. Saint Connect becomes the one accessory you need to share your profile with any of your potential clients, associates or even friends.

What does that actually mean? Instead of carrying hundreds of paper business cards that eventually get lost or destroyed, you only realistically need one! This exquisite metal business card uses advanced Saint Connect technology to transfer your digital profile onto anyone’s smartphone without using any complicated apps. Everything is quick, easy, and failproof.

The Saint Connect Metal Cards comes in two carefully crafted variations which are built to be versatile and maximise customisability.

A Custom Design, Built Around You.

We understand the importance of branding for any business, we have the perfect solution for you! Rock the fantastic Saint Connect card while keeping to your brand! Complete custom designs built around your brand!

"How do I send you my custom design?"

Once the order has been confirmed, you will shortly receive an email from our team which will allow you to send your design through.

Need a template, no worries! Download it here.

Looking to skip the effort? We can handle that too! Visit Custom Artwork & Designs.

Saint Connect Circle

The Saint Connect Circle Card is a full metal card with Saint Technology installed into a circle tab which is covered with a thin and seamless layer of PVC.

  • Saint Connect Technology hidden behind a thin PVC cover
  • A complete solid card made out of premium metal
  • Clean cuts and precision - The Saint Connect Circle card is fully laser engraved.

Saint Connect One Side - Hybrid

The Hybrid Saint Connect card is has been built with one side being solid metal and the other being PVC Which has been embedded with Saint Connect Technology.

  • A hybrid card with a metal face made out of premium metal with a PVC backplate to allow the Saint Connect technology to work its magic
  • A Laser engraved front metal plate to ensure high quality and precision.
  • A thin-printed PVC backplate

Your Live Profile

Your live profile will display everything that you need in a carefully crafted structured way, turning prospects into leads and strangers into your network.

Your profile is completely built around you and can be customised to your heart's content all from the simple free-to-download Saint Connect App.

The Saint Connect App is available on both IOS and Android for free and allows you to enter all of the details that you would like to show on your profile in addition to added features such as changing backgrounds, colour themes, and so much more! 

You can check out a live profile here!

Complete Engraving

Complete engraving possibilities on both sides of the card (besides the PVC NFC cover).

Technical Details

  • The Same size as a standard Credit Card 85.60 × 53.98 × 0.76 mm.;
  • Memory: 144 bytes;
  • NTAG213 Chip
  • Laser Engraved finish
  • Made of durable metal
  • Exquisite style
  • Does not require special apps to connect to the device, only to set up/manage your profile (See FAQ)
  • 3x3cm PVC housing NFC antenna.
  • Custom artwork available


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Frequently asked questions

How do I submit my artwork?

Once you have purchased your card, please submit your artwork within a email to alongside your Order Number.

How big is the Saint Connect card?

The standard business card size is 85mm x 55mm, making our premium connect cards the perfect fit for any wallet or business card holder.

Will my team need the app as well?

You are able to create and manage your team's profiles all within your app - One app that does it all! 

Do you have an affiliate program?

You're in for a treat! We absolutely do! Earn up to 20% on every successful referral you make! click right here to kickstart your earnings and watch the rewards roll in!

Can you print on metal cards?

Yes! On our store, we have the option to either laser engrave or printed metal cards!

Does the custom design include a card?

When purchasing the "Custom Design Artwork", you are purchasing a service. No card is included in the purchase. It is recommended to purchase both the Custom Design and the Custom Card of your choice.

Why does my metal card have plastic on it?

Unfortunately, NFC technology does not work through metal. Trust us, we tried! Therefore we have had to develop some workaround while still having a premium metal card.

Is my information secure?

We take your privacy and security very seriously. Your Saint Connect profile is encrypted, and you are in full control of what information you add. We store all data on Google Firebase and Amazon Web Services.

Can I create a custom Saint Connect card with my Business Logos?

We encourage businesses to create custom-branded cards to really show that you mean business!

Do you ship internationally?

Yes, we ship worldwide! Shipping times and costs may vary dependent on your country.

Is there a monthly fee?

Nope! For the most part at least! Anyone in the world can create their Saint Connect Profile, completely FREE OF CHARGE and then connect the Saint connect card of their choosing. Only when a user wishes to expand their team, additional profiles are at the cost of £2.99.

What phones are compatible?

The Saint Connect cards are compatible with any device that is able to read a NFC signal. In English, most modern devices! Majority of android phones produced after 2011 have the ability to connect with the Saint Cards. iPhones produced after 2014 allowed have the ability to connect with the Saint Connect cards. Please note that iPhones before the iPhone X (10) require you to open the NFC Tag Reader feature. iPhone 10 and beyond have the ability to read the Saint Connect card just via a simple tap. Please find a detailed compatibility list here.

Does Saint Connect require any app? Does the other person need to have it?

The only person that needs the app is the card holder and this is only to manage and edit your profile with ease. Saint connect started off requiring no app what so ever, but to introduce more customisability to you, we introduced the Saint Connect app. The recipient does not need no app what so ever! The card is completely independent. So you can tap to your hearts content without the need to worry!

How does Saint Connect work?

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